"Let's Keep it Moving"

"Let's Keep it Moving"


"Let's Keep it Moving" In this kaleidoscope of color and energy, the canvas pulses with life. Acrylics and pour paint collide, creating a symphony of movement. Vivid reds intertwine with electric blues, while sunny yellows burst forth like sunbeams breaking through storm clouds. The artist’s brushstrokes are bold and unapologetic, capturing the essence of perpetual motion.

Shapes emerge—a dance of curves and angles. Circles whirl, triangles intersect, and lines zigzag across the canvas. Each form seems to echo the rhythm of existence—the ebb and flow, the twists and turns. And in the midst of this visual symposium, black and white elements provide contrast, grounding the chaos.

Textures play their part. The canvas itself becomes a tactile experience—a testament to the artist’s mastery. Rough patches hint at paper fragments, while smooth expanses invite touch. It’s a sensory feast—an invitation to engage not only with sight but also with fingertips.

As viewers stand before “Let’s Keep It Moving,” they become part of the narrative. The artwork whispers secrets of resilience, of momentum even in stillness. It’s a celebration of life’s perpetual dance—a reminder that we, too, are part of this cosmic choreography.

So let’s keep it moving—embracing the colors, the shapes, and the ever-unfolding journey. 🎨

Selected piece for "ART POPS" art feature, Channel 12News, Phoenix, Arizona.

Selected Art for "The City of Peoria, Arizona, Utility Wraps Project."

Size of the Original Canvas, 30” H x 48” W x 1.1/2” D

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