"Colors of Happiness in a Lifetime"

"Colors of Happiness in a Lifetime"


“Colors of Happiness in a Lifetime”

Original Artwork Sold.

Yes! This piece is available as a Giclee or Print. 

Step into this canvas—a lifetime unfurling, a symphony of hues. Here, joy dances with abandon, a kaleidoscope of memories. Imagine each color as a chapter—the vibrant red of first love, the electric blue of adventure, the serene green of quiet moments.

Shapes interlock—a mosaic of experiences. Circles whisper of laughter shared, triangles hint at challenges overcome, and squiggles trace unexpected detours. And at the heart, a cosmic sun radiates—a beacon of hope, a promise that happiness is woven into every thread of existence.

The white spaces breathe—a canvas for dreams, for the unwritten chapters. Thin lines crisscross, like paths taken and paths yet to be explored. It’s a visual memoir—an invitation to reflect on our palette of emotions.

As viewers stand before “Colors of Happiness in a Lifetime,” they glimpse their own stories—the highs, the lows, the dazzling in-betweens. It’s a celebration—a reminder that life’s canvas is vast, and every shade matters. 🌈🎨✨

Selected artwork exhibited in the Scottsdale Civic Center Library Gallery.

Selected to Exhibit and Publish in the 2nd Annual Shapes and Colors - 2024

Size of the Original Canvas, 48” H x 48” W x 1.1/2” D

"Your Story, Your Essence, Your Dreams

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