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Welcome to the vibrant world of Mike Margolis Art! Our original commissioned pieces are more than just decor; they’re conversations waiting to happen. Imagine a kaleidoscope of colors dancing across your walls, infusing every corner with energy and joy. Each stroke, each hue, meticulously crafted by the artist’s passionate hand, tells a story—a story that becomes part of your life, your home.

Why Choose an Original Commissioned Piece?

  1. Uniqueness: No mass-produced prints here! When you invest in a Mike Margolis original, you’re acquiring a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your home deserves nothing less.
  2. Tailored Beauty: Collaborate with Mike to create a piece that resonates with your soul. Whether it’s an abstract landscape, a burst of geometric shapes, or an exploration of emotions, your commissioned artwork will reflect you.
  3. Conversational Magic: Picture friends and family gathering in your living room, drawn to the canvas like bees to honey. They’ll marvel at the interplay of colors, the hidden details, and the sheer life infused into every brushstroke.
  4. Investment: Art appreciates over time. Owning an original Mike Margolis piece isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a smart investment that grows alongside your memories.

The Process🎨🔥

  1. Consultation: Let’s chat! Mike offers personalized art consulting services. Share your vision, your favorite colors, and the emotions you want your artwork to evoke.
  2. Creation: Mike wakes up every day to create. He pours his heart into each canvas, channeling inspiration from life, nature, and the human experience.
  3. Delivery: Your commissioned piece arrives, carefully packaged, and ready to transform your space. Hang it where sunlight dances, where laughter echoes, and watch the magic unfold.

Claim Your Conversation-Starter 🌟

Whether it’s a cozy bedroom, a chic office, or a lively dining area, our original commissioned art pieces enhance any room. They’re not just decor; they’re soulful companions that spark dialogue, ignite imagination, and celebrate life.

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