Why It’s Vital to Pursue Your Creative Dreams Regardless of Age. "Embracing the Palette of Possibilities"

Why It’s Vital to Pursue Your Creative Dreams Regardless of Age. "Embracing the Palette of Possibilities"
Posted June 26th, 2024

As the sun arcs across the canvas of our lives, it illuminates the hues of our dreams. Some dreams are like delicate watercolors, blending seamlessly into our existence. Others, however, burst forth like vibrant abstracts—bold, unapologetic, and impossible to ignore.

Mike Margolis, the artist behind the kaleidoscope of colors, knows this truth intimately. His canvases sing with energy, each stroke a testament to the boundless possibilities that creativity offers. But what if age whispers doubts in your ear? What if the calendar pages flutter like autumn leaves, reminding you that time is both a companion and a challenger?

Let us explore why age is but a brushstroke in the grand masterpiece of your creative journey:

1. The Palette of Experience

Imagine your life as a palette—a rich tapestry of moments, emotions, and encounters. Every year adds a new hue, a fresh pigment. And as you dip your brush into this palette, you draw upon a wealth of experiences. Whether you’re 20 or 80, your canvas is uniquely yours.

  • Young Artists: Your palette may be vibrant and unexplored. You mix colors with abandon, unafraid of the outcome. Your dreams are like wildflowers, reaching for the sun.
  • Seasoned Creators: Your palette bears the patina of time. Each stroke carries the weight of memories—the joy of triumphs, the ache of losses. Your dreams are like ancient oaks, their roots anchored deep.

2. The Symphony of Curiosity

Creativity thrives on curiosity. It dances with wonder, and twirls with questions. And age? Age is the conductor, waving its baton in rhythm with your heartbeat.

  • Youthful Notes: Curiosity bubbles like a fizzy soda. You explore, taste, and wonder. Your dreams are symphonies in progress, each movement a leap into the unknown.
  • Seasoned Refrains: Curiosity matures into resonance. You listen to the echoes of your past, seeking harmonies. Your dreams are sonatas, weaving threads of legacy.

3. The Canvas of Courage

Age whispers doubts, but courage roars defiance. It takes courage to pick up the brush, to face the blank canvas. And here’s the secret: Courage doesn’t age.

  • Youthful Bravado: You leap without looking, fueled by audacity. Your dreams are fireflies, lighting up the night.
  • Seasoned Valor: You step into the arena, scars and all. Your dreams are constellations, mapping the cosmos of your soul.

4. The Art of Connection

Creativity bridges generations. It’s the handshake between the child who scribbles with crayons and the elder who paints with wisdom. When you follow your dreams, you join this timeless conversation.

  • Youthful Laughter: You share your dreams with wide-eyed wonder. Your art is a beacon for others finding their way.
  • Seasoned Legacy: You pass the torch, whispering encouragement. Your art is a lighthouse, guiding ships through storms.

5. The Eternal Gallery

Picture an eternal gallery—a celestial exhibition where Van Gogh chats with Basquiat, where Frida dances with Monet. In this gallery, age is irrelevant. Only the art matters.

So, dear dreamer, whether you’re 20 or 80, pick up your brush. Splash colors across the canvas. Let your dreams bloom like wildflowers or stand tall like ancient oaks. For in the grand gallery of creativity, your age is but a footnote. The masterpiece? That’s yours to create.

Remember, Mike Margolis didn’t ask the calendar for permission. He painted his dreams into existence. And so can you.

Keep dreaming. Keep creating. Age is just a brushstroke.


About the Author: Mike Margolis is an artist who weaves magic with colors. His abstracts invite viewers to dance with possibility, to explore the symphony of hues. 

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