I'm Having a Hot Flash

I'm Having a Hot Flash


"I'm Having a Hot Flash" On this canvas, heat ignites—a feverish blaze of color. Pink, red, and yellow hues collide, their intensity radiating like sun-kissed skin. It’s as if the artist captured a moment of inner combustion, a surge of emotion too potent to contain.

Black lines weave through the chromatic inferno, tracing paths of urgency. They twist, writhe, and leap—a dance of flames against the white backdrop. The canvas itself seems to shimmer, mirroring the artist’s inner fire.

And scattered throughout, delicate circular shapes emerge—perhaps embers caught mid-flight. They add spontaneity, a sense of fleeting warmth. It’s a visual crescendo—an ode to intensity, to the raw power of feeling.

As viewers stand before “I’m Having a Hot Flash,” they, too, feel the heat. It’s a shared pulse, a reminder that passion burns brightest when set free. So let the colors sear, the lines dance, and embrace the wildfire within. 🎨🔥

Size of the Original Canvas, 48” H x 48” W x 1.1/2” D

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