Expanding the Universe

Expanding the Universe


“Expanding the Universe” is a vibrant and dynamic abstract composition that evokes the concept of an ever-growing cosmos. The canvas bursts with intense yellows, reds, and blues, intermingled with splashes of white that suggest stars or other celestial bodies. Lines and dots of various sizes scatter throughout the piece, representing the trajectories and particles found in space. Against a backdrop of contrasting cool tones, the artwork conveys the vastness and mystery of the universe. The artist, Mike Margolis, skillfully blends colors and shapes to evoke happiness and tranquility, inviting viewers to explore the cosmic expanse.

Expanding the Universe (Note: The image link is not provided, but you can imagine the vibrant colors and dynamic composition based on the description.)

Mike Margolis, known for his expressive abstract art, invites us to contemplate the infinite possibilities of the cosmos through this captivating piece. continues to inspire and delight art enthusiasts.

Feel free to explore the canvas and let your imagination soar among the stars and galaxies! 🌌✨

Size of the Original Canvas, 48” H x 48” W x 1.1/2” D

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